7 Things About Chatbots You As Marketers Should Know

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Just the other day, chatbots were introduced into the market. All of a sudden, their technology has become an essential factor of knowledge and pursuit in the whole technological world. After Facebook launched its messaging chatbot to assist its users, it became evident that chatbots were about to become the next big thing. Now, everyone in the tech industry, even other industries are looking towards investing in chatbots for their companies. This is in order to enhance the services that they offer the people to become quality, delightful and ensure a satisfying user experience.

The use of chatbots is increasing and progressing over time. Marketers are being bit at their own game and therefore, knowing and understanding what chatbots are all about is fundamental. The media coverage being experienced is just one of the areas that has increased the bot knowledge and usage. Here are seven things that you as a marketer have to know pertinent to chatbots.

1. Chatbots are of two types

As defined by Chatbotalk a chatbot is a messaging or voice activated platform that was designed with the aim of offering information and any other form of assistance to the users, customers and companies. However, they are classified into two:

  • Multipurpose Chatbots
    As the name suggests, this type of chatbots are designed to offer different types of services to their users. They can offer information, be assistants, customer services etc. They are mostly based on the messaging app or platform. They are designed to make work easier or to fulfill the wishes of the customers at any given moment or situation.
  • Virtual Chatbot Platforms
    These are designed and are virtually based on an artificially intelligent platform and aimed at offering assistance in form of information to the users or customers. They provide you with any type of information needed and the latest form of assistant out there in the market today is Google Assistant.

Virtual Chatbot Platforms

2. Ecommerce, Travel, Customer Services Chatbots

The advancement and enhancement of product services, brand information currently out there in the market is all as a result of these chatbots. Today, every ecommerce platform is utilizing one of these technologies to achieve its set objectives and goals. It is not only the ecommerce platform that is using the chatbots, have you seen and experienced the Google Assistant, you can acquire information and make even flight bookings. Chatbots have become the potential marketing tool and is increasingly becoming pertinent to sales increase and revenue generation in all types of businesses. Chatbots have even been developed for people suffering from insomnia and progression in the same field is expected to continue.

3. Existence

Chatbots have been here with us since the first technological inventions were made. They were not discovered the other day and their use have had an increasing progression and that is the main reason they have hit the market. Their use in the past was limited to offering information to customers as they waited for customer service personnel to pick their call. Today, they follow specific commands in order to offer you as a user or customer the information you need. In addition, these artificial intelligence platforms offer real time information making sure that you can make a decision whether to purchase or not there and then.

4. Increased Number of Messaging Platforms

Messaging apps have increased in number due to their current usage. People have now moved to chatting and other text based communication modes allowing the market to thrive. Chatbots use these platforms as their base and offer customer services as needed. As messaging is the main interaction factor when using chatbots, then the platform will continue to develop and enhance over time.

Increased Number of Messaging Platforms

5. Future

What is for certain is that chatbots have not utilized all of their potential. Therefore, there is room for improvement, enhancement and technological development in the chatbot platforms over time. It can be said that chatbots are still young and the Silvia platform indicates that further developments are to be expected.

6. Chatbots and People

Even though chatbots utilize a technology that makes them similar to people, I do not think that they will ever replace people. Their use will remain to be limited to offering pertinent assistance to people, especially whenever making complicated decision etc.

7. IT and Chatbots

As time goes, there are many factors that chatbots are becoming responsible for. IT needs to be involved especially in high value factors such as performing transactions. Interactions between customers, brands, services etc. have to be secured. In addition, testing of these platforms is essential including the integration of the technology with other enterprise systems.

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