Are Chatbots Just Re-Hashed Technology?

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Chatbots are not old technology that was forgotten about and revived so it should not be considered as the new black.

Most consumers are becoming complacent to the marketing tactics of today. There is no doubt that there are tons of advertising gurus that can come up with a multitude of ways to all say the same thing. Some are adopting this same complacency towards chatbots and simply because the concept is not new. They raise their argument with indicating that crude forms of chatbots have been around for years and will point out that the old teleprinter’s interface was chat bot orientated. Nobody would argue this but really it has to be looked at with another approach.

Most of the technology that we enjoy today has its roots firmly seated back in history. A good example is the telephone. Using the complacency tone we could say that the smart phones of today are not much different than the first phone that was ever invented. So really the Smartphone of today is just the new black. Or the cars of today are just the new black. Bottom line is almost any advancement we have made today is just the new black. The potent drugs that we have on the market are not some new invention, as most stem back to the herbs that our forefathers used to depend on for their healing. The difference is the chemicals added to it and the form that it has taken on, which is the use of new technology.

Are Chatbots Mundane?

There is no doubt that certain parts of automation do become mundane over time and perhaps it does lose its excitement. Years back the big hype all focused around automated messages. Many businesses incorporated automated message machines and still do, much to the frustration of many users. The question is why? We’re they not introduced to be a convenience to both the business and the end user?

Chatbots Mundane

The answer is yes, but the frustration surfaced because of their limitations. This is what makes the big difference when it comes to chatbots. It is quickly being recognized that the limitations of chatbots that utilize the latest advancements of artificial intelligence are almost nonexistent. Yes, chatbots will continue to advance because it is human nature to always go one extra step. So developers that utilize and expand artificial intelligence are never going to stand still. For that reason the chatbots that are currently available could not be considered mundane, nor is it likely that they ever will be in the future because they are being built with Artificial intelligence, and intelligence itself has no boundaries.

The Risk of Chatbots Becoming The Old Black

Where the excitement and opportunities of chatbots could cool is when and if knock offs start to hit the market. It is common business practice when something is hot that a cheaper version will come along. While this may work for many products and even services there can be no compromises when it comes to intelligence. Therefore there cannot be compromises with AI because if so then it will be leaving the very roots that it is being built upon. Inferior chatbots may be able to find ways to seek out cheaper hardware components but it will never be able to find cheaper intelligence without it being detected. There can be no cover up with inferiority in this type of technology.

The unique aspect about a chat bot is that it can’t be massed produced because its total functionality operates off the intelligence it needs to provide to the end user. Unless two businesses were identical in every aspect then a duplicated chat bot is going to be lacking in some of its critical elements. When something is categorized as being the old black then it has to be considered as something that has basically been here before which we have conceded that this may be true, but in regards to the AI that they are comprised of this is new technology and the operative word here is…new.

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