Do Your Banking with an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

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In India, people are now opening bank accounts that can only be accessed through mobile devices. This chatbot bank account is called Digibank and it contains chatbots that are very much intelligent. The future of chatbots are capable of answering a wide range of questions from customers submitted through chat. This new technology is based on machine learning and it is a Kasisto’s product. Kasisto is a startup based in New York and originated from the developers of Apple’s Siri. This artificial intelligence system is perfectly trained using a wide range of questions that are frequently asked by customers when conducting banking activities.

Just like Kasisto, there are other Artificial Intelligence Chatbots providers that provide excellent artificial intelligence services. For example, Inteladesk is a company that has completely given the field of artificial intelligence a different face. The company is renowned for providing users with transformational online customer services. Moreover, it provides patented Automated Virtual Agent technology that treats customers to unforgettable experience.

This company helps numerous businesses perfect the base of their knowledge by clearly explaining missed opportunities and queries in an effort to improve FAQs. In addition, it makes use of similar instruction manuals including call center operators to allow for quick and efficient deploying. Most importantly, the technology used by this Chat Bot provider is revolutionary meaning that it is able to learn as it works. In addition, it is capable of providing high-quality responses to customers regardless of their language.

Customers Regardless

This provider will provide you with an Automated Virtual Agent that clearly understands questions asked by people whenever asked. This ensures that your business’s customer engagement remains high-quality and this translates to higher sales. Additionally, it is able to carry out natural conversations with your customers. Your customers won’t know that they are conversing with a Computerized Avatar because the interactions are human-like. They are also able to comprehend questions without depending on scripted language conversations.

Chatbots were brought into the limelight by Facebook early last year. This was when it successfully integrated this Automated Chat Agent into Messenger. Since then, artificial intelligence professionals including Silvia have been working to perfect the ability of chatbots to hold meaningful conversations with humans.

Using a special chat box, it is easy for users to ask customer service questions related to banking. On its part, the chatbot will appropriately respond and provide additional instructions for clarity. In case money transfer results into an overdraft, the chatbot is capable of alerting the user. Moreover, it can inquire whether the user wants to move cash between accounts.

Special Chat Box

One thing about solutions provided by Silvia is that they don’t depend on simplistic pattern matching alone. They are in a position to conceptualize meanings from inputs to generate new outputs dynamically. Because this technology successfully connects ideas and concepts, it engages customers with real conversations. Additionally, it is easier and faster to train than most other chatbots. This could be because its database doesn’t require pre-populating with every question and answer. Moreover, there is no need for misspellings accounting or varied ways of putting across similar questions.

Centurysoft also provides high quality chatbot services. People have always liked the dedication of this platform to providing exceptional artificial intelligence services and solutions. Its solutions are able to examine large sets of data in an effort to uncover market trends, unknown correlations, customer preferences and hidden patterns. It uses an array of methodologies, tools and applications that will enable your business to comfortably and easily collect information from both external and internal sources. With the solutions provided by this Automated Virtual Agent service provider, your business stands to benefit a lot. From improved decision making, optimized internal business processes to increased operational efficiency, the potential benefits are endless.


Artificial intelligence can now be used almost anywhere from banking, manufacturing, healthcare and many other fields. Most importantly, it is advisable to get Chat Robot assistance from reputable service providers.

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