How Businesses Can Take Advantage of a Chatbot?

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There are many ways that a chatbot can support and enhance a business some of which are not fully realized as of yet.

Utilizing technology is something that almost every business is doing because it is the only way they can get ahead of their competitors and make their business a success. The real challenge comes with choosing what should be used. Chatbots are becoming something of interest to a lot of businesses because of what a chat robot is capable of.

What can a Chatbot Do for Your Business?

It might be easier to determine if first you asked what could an assistant do to help you? This will help you put the virtual assistant which is one form of the chatbot into its proper perspective.

The Virtual Assistant

Giving some thought as to what a chatbot could do for you mean starting with an open mind and not even thinking about what the limitations of what the virtual assistant may be.

What makes a Chatbot Flawless?

When you are relying on chatbots that are comprised of the latest artificial intelligence like the SILVIA system, then you are taking advantage of AI that is flawless. The SILVIA technology has many applications one of which is conversational intelligence. This is being used in a variety of different programs to help the business owner who wants to run their business in the most efficient and profitable manner.

Customer Assistance

Customer Assistance

It would be nice to have a way that you could provide customer service that could answer all the queries efficiently as well as troubleshoot and problem solve.

Chatbots are not just loaded with a bunch of data that is then relied on as their source for customer interaction. They are built with artificial intelligence which gives them the ability to constantly learn from their customer interactions. While at the same time absorbing new data constantly that can be effectively used in the tasks they have been created for.

Scaling up Your Sales

If you are in the business of selling products/services then you can rely on AI by way of a chatbot to enhance and support your sales staff. This virtual sales assistant can be used in different levels of the sales funnel. It can help generate leads, and grow sales, and even close the deal.

Expanding your Outreach

Most businesses now cater to many different ethnic groups because they exist in multi cultural atmospheres. Chatbots using the SILVIA system have the ability to converse fluently in any language, which really allows the business to make a far better impact on their existing clients as well as market to new ones.
A prime example of how AI based on the SILVIA platform is being offered is through what Inteladesk is bringing to the business world with its CRM programs. A chatbot can be constructed so it is customized for your specific business needs.

Assisting the Backend of the Business

Every business gathers some form of data to help them grow their business. This data is then analyzed and utilized to help the company in a variety of ways. There are a lot of problems that surface with data collection and its implementation.

The volume is Uncontrollable

It doesn’t take long before a large amount of data begins to accumulate for any business as it can come from a variety of sources. When the volume becomes too much then a lot of its value can be overlooked.


It Becomes Disorganized

Large amounts of data is extremely difficult to organize and categorize so it can be used efficiently in a timely manner

It becomes Obsolete or of no Nalue

A lot of data that is collected can become outdated quickly or has no value.

A chat bot has the capability of collecting a massive amount of data but it will only be beneficial if it can be utilized without the normal challenges just outlined.

Centurysoft is a company that also relies on SILVIA as its AI source and focuses on not only chat bots that are able to collect and absorb data, but much more which addresses the major problems with this.


These chatbots are able to collect data that is pertinent in large amounts. They partially do this through their learning capabilities and customer interaction. With what Centurysoft has to offer it means businesses can now capitalize on large amount of pertinent data for analysis, projections, forecasting, decision making and insights.

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