Top 10 Chatbot Blunders You Need To Look Out For

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A time may come when you realize the consistent effort both you and your development team have put when developing a new chatbot, at this point you may feel prepared to uncover the creation so that everyone may experience it.

However, making a bot is the initial step required. There are numerous bots on inteladesk, WeChat, Facebook, slack among other common messaging platforms, which only a few have gained prominence and adoption of which chatbotalk is one of them. Most of the bots probably haven’t been utilized. You can advance your chances of success by ensuring you refrain from these prevalent chatbot errors.

Lack of a Defined Strategy

Failure to have a clearly defined strategy may cost you. You need to have an idea of what you intend to accomplish with your bot. having a clear understanding of your specific goals and targets enables you get the appropriate design, audience and functionality which will subsequently be a clear guide to users when performing major interactions.

Lacks Dedication

Creating a Website that Lacks Dedication

A landing page that is dedicated to your bots offers users the option of reading and comprehending your specific value add. Without an introduction, you are giving them the chance to deduce your functionality on their own. A dedicated website has several benefits some of them being strengthening your SEO, easy communication with users or fans and sharing more information concerning your product.

Bot Directories

Discoverability can be quite challenging for bots, apart from telegram, no current chatbot platform has rich search functionality. However, third-party directories and lists are being made to fill the gap. Since being listed is free, you can submit your chatbot. However, the quality range has a huge disparity.

Uninformative and Vague Descriptions

Just as other product descriptions, the way you describe your bot may dispirit or motivate users to engage. The rating system and bot reviews are quite few, thus your description plays a key role in ensuring your bot gets adopted, discovered and understood.

Findable and Unique Name

Findable and Unique Name

The bot name is the only information that most users see or use when opting to make a decision on whether to try it. Moreover, if the bot name is extremely generic, chances of users locating you are minimal. For a name, ensure it can be spelt and pronounced with ease. Also ensure you avoid any trademark or brand name since they may get you in trouble with the law.

Failure to Clarify The Non-human Nature Of your Bot

As at now, the Facebook messenger search result has put together both businesses and bots in a single category, making it hard to distinguish if you have massaged the bot or the human business owner. Facebook may opt to fix this issue later on in future and make it similar to Silvia. As at now, you can create a distinction by incorporating virtual assistant or automated attendant to bot names or making your bot clarify its title role at the start of a conversation similar to SILVIA.

Failure to Conduct Thorough User Test Prior To Launch

Just as any product development, the initial several iterations of the bot may have bugs. You can invite your existing users to test the bot and give you their genuine feedback. Users often feel honored and you have a great chance of gathering insight from their feedback. You need to treat the launch in a similar manner as you would any product launch.

Existing Users For Promotion

Failure to Leverage Existing Users For Promotion

Apparently your current existing users are good for both early feedback and are your best advocates as they are fans of your business or brand. It advocate that you engage your existing users with the bots, you will need to pay close attention to their feedback and usage, and then you can incorporate your marketing plan in ways they can use, promote and even share the bots with friends.

Being too Spammy and Pushy

Messaging is quite intimate and people are comfortable messaging loved ones, friends and family. Putting bots in this platform of extremely personalized conversations, there is a high risk that a business may take advantage of the interaction with spammed promotions or too much of sales offering.

A bot that is pushy is considered a nuisance and are susceptible to getting banned. Thus if you want to cut down on the level of bot spamminess, give a response only when users proactively reach out to you.

Generalizing and Losing Concentration

You don’t have to come up with a bot for a certain brand immediately. It is prudent to come up with a bot that has a focused aim or is for a particular campaign. For instance, inteladesk a revolutionary and intelligent conversational technology that comprehends spoken language, focus on customer service Inteladesk. Your website firm or product had been perfected for quite some time with several recapitulations. To mean your bot will still be the same.

Trying to overdo things with bots may result to lack of adoption, confusion and eventually poor results for the brand and business.


There is no doubt that the social networks have been surpassed by the messaging platform in terms of engagement and popularity. Therefore, the marketers and developers of chatbots should learn the above mistakes in order to avoid them and experience success. Doing away with these common errors may not guarantee your bots success, but will certainly ensue you are on the right track.

Author: Ron Miller

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