Chatbots are Missing in Their Brand Identity

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Ever thought of why many of the brands in the market today are so successful starting with Apps, Google etc.? This is because they have a perfect means of marketing their products or services. Chatbot technology has boomed and has outgrown others in popularity. Its use of the artificial intelligence technology continues to marvel many in and out of the technological world. However, their potential can still be seen and it is not being utilized to the fullest. This also indicates that its value is extensive yet, only a pinch of it is being realized. This is associated to the branding and marketing features that are being used to promote the usage of chatbots as a brand. Here are some of the factors that give a brand its identity.


Words are quite powerful and mightier in relation to moving people than designs and other features that a chatbot might have. From the beginning, chatbots have been advertising their features described and their relreturnation to artificial intelligence promoted. However, as time passes by, more is needed in growing the potential of chatbots. The language to be used should reflect the personality of people in relation to the services that chatbot is offering at a specific time. The core values and virtues that the market values the most should be seen in the chatbots. This makes it relational and its adoption becomes much easier and permanent regardless of its flaws.

img-chatbots-are-hereChatbots are here to give business and financial returns. Without proper branding, it means that losses will be incurred continuously. However, if a business has no idea what a chatbot is, it means that branding and marketing the chatbot has not yet been achieved. Chatbot developers have to learn the essentialist and elements that constitute branding a product. Today, people still do not identify with the word chatbot even though it is the most recent and most powerful technology. This is because the branding is poor. A well-branded product can be distinguished with its image, single word and does not require excess definitions added to it. Engineers, tech gurus and technology fans may know what these are but moving to pothers outside the technological platform, very few know and yet, that is the market we hope to tap into.


Chatbot on its own is a brand or in this case a product name. This is because it hasn’t yet reached the level required for it to be named a brand i.e. International or worldwide recognition is yet to be achieved. To the developers, the name chatbot is to point, but the market outside there is looking for mystery, humanized word and an appeal that lacks in the robotic name. As the Silvia platform increases its ability to show case the different types of bots in the world, the ability to draw human desire towards them is dropping with every minute. Names are more appropriate as they increase a persona ability to identify with them and diminish any shortcomings that can be associated with other names.


img-chatbots-definationsEvery technological platform has a definition for the chatbots, what they are, how they function and chatbot information that is more pertinent. Inteladesk for a fact indicates the different functionalities associated with chatbots on every level and industry. In addition, it gives various definitions pertaining to chatbots from different personalities and developers. However, this is not common or known to the masses or the market expected to purchase them. That is why, a more common definition using a simple language that people can understand is needed.

Eliminating the most common definition elements that include artificial intelligence, conversational and interactive platforms, assistants and virtual agents will make it much simpler to pitch to people. This is because many of these terms are confusing to people with no specific knowledge of technological terminologies.


Chatbot branding is one of the most needed and the potential product in the market today. The question in most people minds is how to make the international and brand them officially. The developers have to think of the next step in their marketing strategies if they are to achieve their goals and achieve the full potential that chatbots depict. It is better to communicate to the potential buyers, customers by making propositions that compel them to act in a holistic way. This is something that is not expected to occur immediately or there and then. Expectations of change in the branding identity pertaining to chatbots will be over time or in the near future.

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