Chatbots Can Now be Used to Memorize Your Gone Friends

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It is very difficult to come to terms with the fact that you will never hear from someone close to you and loosing friends happens all the time. However, chatbots can now be used to bring back memories of your gone friends, not only mind memories but digital memories as well including texts, videos, posts on social media, emails, and photos.

This began when Eugenia Kuyda happened to lose one of her best friends. She embarked on working on a way that could help her memorize Roman Mazurenko, her lost friend differently. Together with her engineering team, they started collecting numerous of previous Roman’s texts in order to develop a chatbot that totally imitated his personality. That’s when Luka was born. This startup uses artificial intelligence and an easy to use chat interface to recommend restaurants and books.

How it Works

To ensure that the chatbot acted exactly as Roman, it had to be informed by interacting with a variety of Roman’s family and friends. This led to the creation of not only one individual’s memories, but a variety of facets of Roman’s personality. All over sudden friends and family were able to interact with Roman again just like before, but this time the Roman bot.

img-chatbot-how-it-worksSome people felt disturbed by the fact that they were conversing with him again even after he had gone. Others especially his mother felt like she had started to know her son much better. The best part is the way Roman’s family and friends ended up connecting with the chatbot.

Find the Solution

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