Customer Service Chatbots Could be Over-Hyped

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The messaging economy and bots have got people excited, and there is a great possibility that people could be missing the bigger picture. The fact remains that chatbots cannot be in a position to deliver the required benefits to businesses if they are left to work in isolation. They might turn out to be resource drains and net cash rather than providing the needed services. This is not what enterprises that deploy chatbots want, what they need is for them to deliver customer satisfaction and real economic benefits.

Without any reasonable doubt, over 4 million individuals are interacting using messaging apps, and there is a great possibility for them to the ultimate communication platform between customers and enterprises in the future. It is very easy to be caught in this excitement and end up assuming that all you need is to launch a chatbot in order to compete fully with your business rivals. Regrettably, getting the necessary money approved to deploy, maintain or acquire a chatbot requires you to have a real business case that is in a position to validate and reimburse for the new technology.

How to Choose The Best

As you continue researching on your customer service strategy, you are likely to realize almost immediately that bots are able to take care of a slight percentage of your business’s customer care traffic on their own. Enterprises have successfully transferred their customers from the old analog communication into digital channels over the last ten years. Additionally, the Digital Care platform comprise of up-to 50% of customer care in enterprises these days and Digital Care refers to customer contacts that come through channels like chat, mobile apps, email, messaging, email, SMS and web search.

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Companies that have large customer bases are very much aware that customer care needs have been shifting steadily from phones towards the digital channels over the previous ten years. Messaging is the latest in this shift because of its convenience, speed as well as consistency. Unsurprisingly, only twelve percent of the young generation would prefer contacting businesses using the phone.

All these information shows just how important a chatbot could transform your business. However, you shouldn’t independently depend on a chatbot, and it is prudent to get bot services from professional companies like Inteladesk. Such a company will help you train on chatbot according to the requirements of your business to ensure you maximally benefit from its services. Whether it’s a Facebook chatbot, Twitter chatbot, email auto-responder, web search product, mobile app or any other chatbot type, Inteladesk will ensure you get a responsive chatbot.

Know The Secret

The secret for an excellent automated Digital Care plan is to have a great system training done from a centralized mechanism. It is wise to analyze questions asked from customers each day in details from all your channels. You will need to use the data obtained to train your Digital Care solution continuously.

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It appears that the most effective way to deploy a chatbot technology in your Digital Care plan is by having a centralized training system. Training will only be performed only once, and it will be available in all the other automated Digital channels for customer care. This needs a platform at your Digital Care strategy’s heart, not just some independent bots that serve different channels independently. Analyzing the available customer behavior greatly helps to improve the responses given by your digital channels. However, it is crucial to apply the necessary machine learning in your training framework and centralized analysis. This will lead to real economic benefits and improved customer satisfaction like you’ve never witnessed before.

Focusing all your attention on chatbot tech only can be described as a short-sighted move. This is because statistics reveal that customers are now contacting companies through almost all the available digital channels. Therefore, focusing exclusively on a single digital channel or simply building something independent for a particular channel will result in wastage of a lot of resources. For this reason, if you are considering deploying a chatbot, it is wise to think things over for a moment before making your move. You might end up saving your business from a solution that appears to be beneficial but messy in the long run.


In as much as chatbots appear to be very beneficial, sometimes they might not work out as intended. This is mainly because a single chatbot cannot work independently to produce the required results. Consider consulting a leading bot provider like CenturySoft for all your artificial intelligence related needs.

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