6 Top Challenges Future Chatbots Must Overcome

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Chatbots are conversational and interactive interfaces that offer human assistance in different areas of expertise. They do this based on different types of input including textual and voice/ auditory. They are artificially intelligent virtual assistants whose main aim is to make it easy for humans to perform complex tasks that they have no understanding. Some of these interfaces include Pana the travel chatbot. This monitors your flight manifests and makes a rebook in case the flight is faced with challenges such as delay.

Technology in relation to advancement has not been able to achieve a smooth user interface with these artificially intelligent machines. They are still facing many challenges both contextual and environmental. For future success in the use and assimilation of chatbots and artificial intelligence into the lives of different personalities work environments etc, these challenges have to be overcome. Some of these challenges are:

Human Intelligence

This crucial and vital aspect has continued to offer challenges to the chatbots. We now want chatbots and user interfaces that depict or have humanity in offering their services. The different chatbot technological interfaces are said to depict the type of programming that was used to build them. By teaching the machines to understand human needs, actions and other humanity factors, this challenge can be overcome in the near future.

Language Processing

Language Processing
Inteladesk depicts natural language as the means to understand every contextual way that a question may be asked in different environments to mean the same thing. Today, chatbots can be asked a question in certain way and have the ability to answer that question e.g. will it be sunny and are we expecting a sunny day today? Both of these questions have a similar answer but a chatbot may have trouble understanding one of the questions.


Learning is a dynamic process and many machines do not have the ability to cope up or adapt. Acquiring the natural language process is essential in continuing and ensuring machine learning. However, it is difficult to predict what the chatbot and other virtually intelligent person as will do with the information acquired. Machine learning will be useful once a machine can assimilate information and progressively learn through exposure to a specific environment and later generally. This would be to avoid some instances like the Microsoft Chatbot Tays unintentionally being a racist.


Value and Use of Chatbots

Chatbots come as virtual assistants, sales agents, customer support or care domain experts etc. The services they offer, are aimed at increasing the value of virtual intelligence which each passing day. The value of these services is what is pushing to the invention of different domain chatbots to offer valuable services in different professional fields. The use Pana and Uber has made it possible to integrate these systems into our daily activities.


Simplicity is the main ingredient in becoming a sophisticated person and in this case sophisticated machinery with extensive and advanced knowledge. The most successful chatbot interfaces and virtual assistants are those with simplified functionalities, fast in their processing and easy for use by the human population. To ensure success is accomplished in the future for any chatbot and business entity, we have to understand the least common factors and the small things that add up and ensure completeness of a certain action or item. After identifying and understanding, the next step is to use the information in simple but progressive natural steps.

Handing Over

As human experts, there are some instances that you may not have the required expertise in the field and are required to hand over to someone else. Similarly, these artificially intelligent platforms have to hand over in different cases if they do not understand the question asked. To ensure no mix-ups in the interactive conversation interfaces, chatbots have to be made to realize the time to hand off the experience. a system has to be developed that will ensure that in case the interactive assistant depletes its information in regards to a certain subject, the client can be handed over to another agent or human agent.


Artificial intelligence is making progress in ensuring seamless functionality with human, business and environmental elements. However, we have a lot to do in overcoming these challenges. Preparing a strong foundation for future innovations and improvements is what many technological entities are doing.

Author: Ron Miller

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