Meet Heek; the Chatbot that Builds Websites

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Building a website has for a long time been viewed as a time consuming and tiresome process. However, there is some good news for everyone out there looking to build a website. Thanks to artificial intelligence, there is this chatbot by the name Heek that is now helping people create websites easy and fast. It uses a conversational interface whereby it asks relevant questions about your business and what you intend to do with the website once complete. In addition, it asks some personal questions in order to provide you with a customized website.

The best thing about Heek is that it allows people to click and view the available variety of designs. This ensures that you only select the design that suits your needs. After each step, the chatbot allows you to save changes you’ve made in order to avoid losing information in case you forgot to save. This helps save a lot of time.

Today, many chatbots are not in a position to deliver efficient interactions. Some are very restrictive and this leads to frustrating interactions. To avoid all these, there is need to seek assistance from an expert like Centurysoft. By so doing, you will have ensured that your customers enjoy interacting with your website. They will also come again and tell their friends about your website. This will lead to increased traffic which will eventually translate to higher sales.


When it comes to Heek, the chatbot has completely revolutionized the creation of websites. It is now possible to conversationally create a website and this could prove to be very appealing to small business owners who don’t have enough money to hire professional designers. Additionally, small business owners who lack the technical know-how for website creation management will find this chatbot very useful. This is because its services are very easy to use and with only a few clicks, you will have yourself a fully functional website.

The moment you have clicked on Heek, it will begin inquiring for the business type you run, the name of your company and your full names. Afterwards, it will provide a number of website templates for you to choose. These site templates include e-commerce websites, websites for charities, public figures, websites for businesses without anything to sell and entertainment or media websites and so much more. After selecting a category, you have the option to click and view the templates offered.

Sometimes, it is challenging to decide what to include on your website and what not to. However, this shouldn’t trouble you anymore because Heek is able to suggest some of the important items to add on your website. For instance, the chatbot may suggest the inclusion of a contact form or your business address or maybe a navigation menu to aid movements between pages. To say yes to its suggestions, you are only required to click on the ‘OK’ button provided. Similarly, you have the option to skip suggestions by clicking the ‘No thanks’ button.

Website Customization

Just like Heek, Inteladesk will ensure that you have a website that is customized according to your requirements. Since the company is well-experienced, it has the relevant skills to know what exactly your website needs. The company may as well suggest additional features to be included in your website to make it more appealing to your visitors. Depending on your website requirements, this company will stop at nothing until you are contented.

However, the entire process of designing website isn’t text based chat only. There are special aspects such as editing texts and swapping photos that need assistance from a professional web maker. Additionally, its templates are not completely rigid, but you are in a position to drop and drag several elements here and there to come up with a customized design.


Services cost approximately $30 each month, but if you choose to pay per year the cost is $25 monthly. These figures include website creation, customer support, search engine optimization and custom domain name. One thing about Heek that makes it special is the fact that, you don’t need to subscribe to a particular plan. Similarly, you are not required to have an account with them in order to try out their services. By just clicking on a button on their website you begin creating your website right away.

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