How Mobile Markets Could Do Well With Chatbots?

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Mobile marketers need resources for customer service and data collection and the chatbot can meet both of these needs

Online marketers have had to broaden their scope of marketing techniques to include what is acceptable and presentable on mobile devices. They’ve had no choice about doing this as in the last few years mobile devices have become at the top of the list when it comes to Internet usage. It is a channel that marketing gurus have to strongly consider when offering their services to any client on any level. As with any business that wants to be successful this industry needs to rely on all of the resources that are going to expedite their services in the most efficient manner. For this reason many are taking a look at what chat robots could possibly do to assist the mobile marketing industry.

Relying on Guesswork

Online marketers must have a way of tracking their success. For many years they’ve had to rely on guesswork as to whether their advertising campaigns were producing the results that were expected. If they were able to determine the success level of the campaign often their knowledge would stop there as they were not able to determine what made it a success and what made it a failure. Basically it came down to a Lot of guesswork which creates a very volatile atmosphere for doing business.

Apps are Becoming Old News

Apps are Becoming Old News

While apps were the big business buzz for a period of time they have worn out the enthusiasm that was so present at one time. Users are now tired of this technology and are looking for something else which is pushing the mobile marketers into finding something else that is going to be workable for them yet appealing to their clients.

SILVIA Meets the Needs

A possible and very viable solution is the chatbot technology but that which is based artificial intelligence such as that presented through the SILVIA platform. This is a technology based on AI produced by Silvia4u, and that is able to take on many of the responsibilities that a mobile marketing assistant would be responsible for. In turn the chatbot is able to gather data that is critically important to the campaigns that are run by this industry.

Utilizing Conversational Intelligence

Conversational Intelligence

Mobile marketers often have a large client base that they constantly have to converse with and being able to rely on conversational intelligence will not only be a time saver, but can provide much more of what the marketing client’s wants and needs are in a more efficient manner. Which is going to be beneficial to the mobile marketers at any level? A company that is able to offer this solution utilizing the SILVIA platform is Inteladesk. This is a company that can design a chatbot that is totally customized for not only any industry but for each of the companies within that industry, which would be most applicable to the bone mobile marketing sector. The chatbots that they are able to construct have contextual understanding and are able to problem solve using logic rather than scripted data. They have the ability to constantly learn and are able to carry on a conversation in a natural tone which makes a great out reach for customer engagement.

Data Collection

While customer service is critically important for the mobile marketers the data collection to help them scale up their business and utilize their insight and be able to plan and analyse is critically important to how the business will grow. Using what a company like Centurysoft has to offer is the problem solution here. This company focuses on how a chatbot based on the SILVIA intelligence is able to gather massive amounts of data and take that data and disseminate it to the proper organizational channels so that it can be utilized to its fullest extent. Data that is organized and has had the useless data extracted from it leaves a clean platform for the data to be analysed and utilized as mobile marketers have such a need for.

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