Jessie Humani Bot Transition from White to a Woman of Color

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Diversity is an issue that has taken up the technological world in relation to the future of chatbots and their appearance. Each day, a new virtual assistant in form of a bot is developed and sent into the market. Early in their process, the bot may change in reference to their names, logos or the avatar. Jessie Humani has however broken the record by being the first bot to transform from being a white woman to a woman of color. Diversity is reality and no apparent analysis for diversity has been carried out. It is however, important to note that many of the virtual assistant avatars so far, have been white and women in their gender.

Jessie Humani is a young woman pertaining to her launch in April. Initially she was young, white and had reddish brown hair. She wore a tank top and simple sunglasses as described Centurysoft. She uniquely and out of the blue changed and became an ambiguous, young and a woman of color. She had curly hair, wore hoop earrings and even nose rings. This wasn’t a stunt or a statement by Pullstring, I believe they are just moving with time as predicted, 50% will be colored people for those under 18 years in the U.S. in the year 2020. The change was due to the teams understanding and feelings in reference to Jessie’s 4 months of experience.

Who is Jessie?

Inteladesk describes her as a character bot that was made to be compatible with specific age groups. It is designed as an assistant in helping people make character bots for themselves. She is an interactive and conversational interface that allows you to create your own adventure. She is playful and as a young woman, she has trouble with everything from parenting to her apartment and above all, she has just lost her job.


Her designers were aiming at achieving a personality that is friendly to all. The ability to talk and converse technically with a virtual interface was their motivation and Jessie has fulfilled this aim. Changing her appearance came after her interactions and the reviews made by the team, which changed their perception of her.

The release of the bot in regards to Silvia, was done on Facebook, Skype and on Kik. Its progress was monitored, evaluated and assessed. This was in relation to its interactions with friends and family after it was shared. Jacob said that after these procedures were taken into consideration, the virtual agent personality had changed and it no longer matched with what they had aimed at. The change in personality meant that her appearance and image couldn’t remain the same. They had to look for a better representation of her. Coming up with this Jessie was based on the teams feelings after living and interacting with her for several weeks.

Brand Representation

Many business entities are using images of different colors and designs to represent their services. These are aimed at leaving the consumer with a specific perception in relation to that business entity. The Kip bot is represented by a blue color. This is because, it is said to be soothing, gentle and cool color and the penguins are a representation of al genders due to their gender-neutral nature. This was in reference to Kip Cofounder Rachel.

Brand Representation

In the coming years, we are entering the artificial intelligence era and more bots are bound to be developed. The change in Jessie Humani in relation to Silvia, is a clear representation of how people perceive the appearance of the bots. It is also a start that will clearly portray what the future in the bots and virtual assistants hold in terms of appearances in relation to artificial intelligence. The fact that many of these virtue agents are female pertaining to Chatbotalk is set to bring up very many issues in the future. The issues may include identity, equality issues, racial and gender issues.


Change in Jessie illuminates the possibility of including diversity in the generation of bots. This will ensure their compatibility to different situations and will increase satisfaction of the human that it is assisting in a positive manner. Again, it shows willingness to evolve and take up the next generation activities a notch higher.

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