‘Killer’ Chatbot: Not in the Near Future

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The development of chatbots began with conversational interfaces and all of a sudden bots came into the picture. The advancement that led to the conversational platforms indicated the potential that was there in relation to artificial intelligence and its use. However, the growth and the new innovations are quite limited. This is because the artificially intelligent chatbots are mainly text based and a few are voice activated.

Graphical User Interface (GUI)

Chatbotalk defines it as the graphical user interface. It is a friendly interface that allows interaction between the computer and the user through secondary means i.e. issuing of commands by typing them on a keyboard. The chatbot growth and enhancement however has not reached the smooth interactions that are experienced in the use of the graphical user interface.

Acceptance of the GUI including the internet and other technological devices development in accordance to the latest makes is said not to be similar to artificially intelligent bots. This is because people fear that the machine learning process will advance and grow and one day, overtake humanity. Technologically however, the reality of such a scenario is yet to be seen. Experts have indicated the possibility of that with a zero rate. It will never happen. This is evidenced by:

Challenging and Complex Processes

Challenging and Complex Processes

Technology is limited and advancement is expected to increase over time. In reference to Centurysoft, capabilities are limited to easy to understand domains. If the chatbots, virtual agents or intelligent assistants are faced with complex situations, it becomes difficult to satisfy the user and end up with dissatisfied and annoyed customers. This is because some of these processes require human intervention. This can however change if the chatbots artificial intelligence is combined with graphical user interface. It is my belief that the technology developed would be cutting edge and may be then, the possibility of a killer chatbot may be thought of. Bottr is the name being given to a chatbot that incorporates both a graphical user interface and a conversational user interface or the (CUI).



This is an important term when it comes to technologies and their growth patterns and curves. Artificial intelligence development however, has been a satisfying development but it cannot be used to satisfy all the needs of people or the world at a go. The realization that the Chatbots are not yet in that level of offering a human being that level of a conversation has not hit. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing platforms have not advanced enough and therefore user experiences are still in the trial and error period. Value of these platforms will be incorporating an interaction design through a command user interface and understanding of consumer behavior.

End to End Solutions

Chatbots are essential in finding information and displaying it for customer use in regards to Inteladesk. They are answer the specific query sent to them via voice or text and send the user to a third party. The user is then expected to complete other activities alone. This however defeats the purpose of artificially intelligence and in specific virtual assistants and intelligent assistants. After the interactive conversational or voice response (IVR), the intelligent assistant or bot should have a way of offering the user more assistance while doing other activities including feedback, information obtained, and satisfaction in relation to information disposed to the user by the chatbot etc.



To reach the ability to perceive a killer bot, Silvia indicates that we should start with ensuring that an artificially intelligent bot has the capability to provide end to end solutions, address customer issues within record time and ensure satisfaction and seamlessly integrate with their human counterparts in offering services. This will ensure that no spaces or possibility of failure is expected. The success that is seen is mobile apps including Uber and Whatsapp are indications of a breakthrough in technology.


The future of chatbots and other artificially intelligent technologies may be on a declining edge if their development does not change. Chatbots have a great potential but tapping into it is the difficult part in relation to chatbotalk. Better management and development procedures inclusive of milestones will need to be redone. This is to ensure that the next bot developed fits the human expectations and developers remain interested in A.I.

Author: Ron Miller

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