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Meet Heek

Meet Heek; the Chatbot that Builds Websites

7 Things About Chatbots You As Marketers Should Know

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Just the other day, chatbots were introduced into the market. All of a sudden, their technology has become an essential factor of knowledge and pursuit in the whole technological world. After Facebook launched its messaging chatbot to assist its users, it became evident that ...

How to Make Sure Your Chatbot Remains Important to Your Clients?

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It is great to be able to rely on a chatbot for your business needs but you must ensure that it is constantly being well received and used by your clients There are many chatbots that have become available on the market and many of them are being readily received on both on ...

How Mobile Markets Could Do Well With Chatbots?

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Mobile marketers need resources for customer service and data collection and the chatbot can meet both of these needs Online marketers have had to broaden their scope of marketing techniques to include what is acceptable and presentable on mobile devices. They’ve had ...

How Businesses Can Take Advantage of a Chatbot?

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There are many ways that a chatbot can support and enhance a business some of which are not fully realized as of yet. Utilizing technology is something that almost every business is doing because it is the only way they can get ahead of their competitors and make their ...

3 Ways Chatbots Could Benefit Both Colleges and Students

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Utilizing the many benefits of a chatbot in a college setting could be beneficial to both the colleges and the students. As chatbots are becoming more recognized for their importance they are creating an aura of excitement because of the potential that they hold in many ...