‘Killer’ Chatbot: Not in the Near Future

Why Chatbots Can’t Replace B2B Customer Support?

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Google’s Latest Acquisition for Easier Chatbot Development

Future Chatbots

Top 5 Future Chatbots We’ll All Be Building in 2017

8 Things to Think About When Spending Money on Chatbots

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Investing in chatbots can be a very wise decision, but before doing so there are some things to consider There are a lot of golden opportunities for online businesses because they can span their offering globally. At the same time it means a lot more competition. This is one ...

Chatbot Failure: What to Learn

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Today, almost 80% of the world’s population has an active social media account. Majority of these people spend most of their time chatting with friends and family on messaging apps. This clearly indicates that, if a business leverages the power of messaging apps, it ...

What is a Chatbot? Does Your Business Really Need a Chatbot?

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Understanding the benefits of a chatbot and what it is can help you determine if you should be using one. If you are in business online it doesn’t seem as though you can turn your computer on without being hit with a new buzzword or something new that is going to take ...

Jessie Humani Bot Transition from White to a Woman of Color

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Diversity is an issue that has taken up the technological world in relation to the future of chatbots and their appearance. Each day, a new virtual assistant in form of a bot is developed and sent into the market. Early in their process, the bot may change in reference to ...

Do Your Banking with an Artificial Intelligence Chatbot

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In India, people are now opening bank accounts that can only be accessed through mobile devices. This chatbot bank account is called Digibank and it contains chatbots that are very much intelligent. The future of chatbots are capable of answering a wide range of questions ...