3 Simple Steps to Get People Glued to Your Chatbot

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Altering the habits of individuals and how they think of certain products is next to impossible. As it is widely known, marketing is a challenging battle that involves perception. The initial firm that manages to break through and access the mind estate is regarded as the winner. For instance, even if you have one billion dollars to compete with Google, it is next to impossible to come up with a search engine firm that can be a significant rival of Google. It would only be possible if there is a platform shift.

A platform shift will be able to change how we interact and also how we perceive the world. This will significantly contribute to certain changes and come up with new habits. The new platforms will create a paradigm shift that will considerably drive us towards solving problems in effectively new ways.

Chatbots will now be responsible for providing a platform shift, which will give great opportunities when it comes to the creation of new habits. A good example is how Inteladesk has managed to come up with a top-notch virtual artificial intelligent digital live agent that is responsible in enhancing the experience, sales and ensuring you get quality customer service.

1. Triggers And Actions

It’s crucial to note that individuals come from everywhere. They generally have needs, which they want to satisfy, but with time the needs subside. As it is known, habits are formed once an individual can satisfy a particular need several times. This makes the behavior become automatic. Considering you are a product designer it is crucial that you consider in what situations the product is needed and how to develop a solution for that particular moment.

In such a situation it is vital that you opt for factors such as ability and motivation. These factors are the ones that will make the task seem easier and achievable. Good solutions provide utmost satisfaction to a point where you realize dopamine. This will not only solve your problem but also make your brain reward you chemically.

Once an individual experiences a trigger, two things are either done. You may opt to look for a solution or simply overlook the pain. Whenever an individual is searching for a solution, the product needs to be easy to locate and use. Silvia offers such a product as it has a virtual character with the brain and voice to communicate through conversations, which makes them seem more of human beings.
individual experiences

2. Variable Rewards

Solving a similar problem exactly how you did before can bring in a totally new problem which is boredom. This is actually what many routines look and the reason why many people consider routines unpleasant people often try solving the problems by becoming spontaneous, forming new relationships or even taking trips. The question is what if these products could solve the challenges you experience in a more consistent and reliable way while being spontaneous.

Research has managed to show that the brain’s dopamine surges increase only if it is expecting a reward. Incorporating variables will multiply the effect hence forming a focus state that suppresses certain brain areas that are linked to judgment. This explains why some individuals have the ability to play slot machines the entire night.

It is advisable to give your bots the element of variability. Facebook has managed to do this by simply making sure that your feed is not the same whenever you see it. Regardless of the few friends you may have.

3. Investment

This is similar to any other kind of relationship you have. Actually, the more energy or time you may have invested in a particular solution or product, the greater is the pain you will experience when it comes to switching to a totally new product or even start all over again.

This has made some types of products rather challenging when it comes to navigating from them. A good example is Facebook, which most people have invested in their time, photos and much more. Depending on how invested your users are, will greatly influence the chances of them leaving. An extremely invested user finds it very difficult to leave.


The current forms of chatbots don’t have the ability to offer a richer GUI experience compared to applications. Due to this fact, the value a conversational interface brings should be simple for it to be leveraged. As a businessperson it is crucial to draw people towards your chatbots. This will only be possible if you consider the services of professionals such as Centurysoft in this industry.

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