How Refugees are Using Chatbots to Embrace their Life?

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As a refugee, the first thing one learns is that there are no trusted friends in this world and those with the desire to help you in your time of need are one in a thousand. It is therefore quite difficult to acquire information from trusted sources and resources. This is largely because of the various experiences they have from different people ranging from police officers, citizens to smugglers etc. All of them have different personalities and their conduct varies from country to country. Finding the right people, organizations or places in which you can be assisted is quite difficult and in some cases overwhelming. This is the main reason that people are now turning to chatbots and other technological platforms for assistance.


Today, every person refugee or not is able to procure and own a smartphone. Whenever unsure of the right details pertaining to a certain element, you only need to press a few buttons and voila you acquire first hand information. The only issue is judging the dependability and reliability of information acquired. Chatbotalk is a platform that provides different information in regards to the different artificial intelligence and chatbot advancements being seen. That is verifiable and information obtained from the platform is true to its word. This cannot be said for all the platforms and that is why chatbots are coming in as information sources for refugees and others in similar situations around the world. For simple activities such as navigation using a map, technology is quite clear and can lead you anywhere. In regards to information integrity, you cannot trust it as it can be manipulated.

RefAid and Other Online Platforms

Online Platforms

This is just one of the many technological solutions that refugee can acquire information pertaining to available sources of information, food, medical care, shelter and water. The platform allows people, individuals and organizations/institutions to post locations categorized in relation to the resources available for refugees. The platforms can be seen on social media, Google search and other information search tools. However, they are disposed and exposed as just rumors and it might be hard to trust it.


The silvia4u platform indicates that chatbots can be used for any purpose provided they have been developed in that domain. However, they are not as fluent in their interactions as virtual assistants and agents. Further developments have to be made for it to be used in a specific way without hiccups. The Refugee Text is just one of the platforms that aim at using chatbot technology to achieve the goal of offering trusted information to refugees around the world.

It utilizes the messaging and text platforms in offering information. Furthermore, it can use Facebook messenger, or other text messaging platforms in acquiring the needed information. It works by asking you the current country you are in and the target destination. The platform is available for all as the time and resources needed to run it are the same.

Facebook messenger

It has partnered with various councils from different countries including Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Currently, it is looking forward to partnering with Greece on the same. The platform offers face-to-face meetings between organizations and potential clients. Information acquired using the platform also is trustworthy as it links relevant organizations offering services that are needed by the refugees.

Private Partnerships

Developing a platform to assist refugees in acquiring pertinent information is quite difficult. However, winning partnerships and forming relations with private businesses is more difficult.

This is because of the various processes and information needed in regards to the functionalities of the system, trust issues and privacy or security of information offered. It is however, a challenge to bring them around to your way of thinking and since technology is for the future and then these practices will be there in future. Private businesses may be afraid of losing business as of now but it would be to their own interests. They can log into inteladesk and see how chatbots and other technologies are benefiting the private sector and other businesses.


The Refugee Text platform faces the challenge of acquiring finances needed to complete is design. It is termed as a beautiful design and a future prospect but still what funds they have cannot see the project through to completion. Furthermore, there is resistance in regards to the usage of the platform. Many tend to believe that it is opening a new way for refugees to move to new countries. However, as Duffy explains, the platform aims at offering legit, credible and trustworthy information to anyone who needs it.

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