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Site Content and Information

Adding, removal, sharing or viewing information posted on this site, you have agreed to be bound by the rights and the terms of service pertinent to the site. The terms of service are also legally binding and should be regarded as so.

Intellectual Property

The original content, features posted and shared on the site, functionality and the site itself, are properties of Chatbotalk solely. National, international and intellectual property laws and rights protect it. This includes any images, logos or content in form of text posted or shared by Chatbotalk.


Legal actions faced by users in regards to the wrong use of information posted on our site, our liability is exempted and the site will have no relations with the wrong use of information given.


The Chatbotalk reserves any rights to the site and can limit or terminate your access rights without any prior notice and without any form of liability. Termination involves erasing of information that the site may have on you.

Changes to the Policy

The rights to make any modifications or amendments on these policies and terms of uses are reserved for Chatbotalk. Any changes made to these policies and the terms of use, will be directly posted on the site, advertised and their presence sent through personal information gathered.

Continuing with the site activities such as browsing, indicate acceptance of changes made on the policies and terms of use. Therefore, we advise you to review the terms before proceeding to viewing the contents at any given time.


We are not liable in manner of what the users post on our site or in relation to user’s generated information or content on the site. Even with the strict regulations that govern user’s generated input on the site, we have no capability of controlling all of the information or content posted. Therefore, we are not liable for content that might be abusive or offensive, criminal in nature or illegal. The responsibility of it remains with the user and the liability is exempted from Chatbotalk.


Information shared or posted on this site has to be verified by you. In some cases, there is a lot of future talk in relation to technological issues that have not been proven yet. It is therefore, in your best interests to verify the information before using it in any way.

Contact Details

If there are any questions or further clarifications in relation to this privacy policy and terms of use, contact us through….

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