Twitter’s New Direct Messages Chatbot Feature – Facts You Should Know

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Earlier this week, Twitter launched two additional features to make the Direct Messages channel much better. According to the company, these features will provide improved conversational experiences to both consumers and businesses. The two features come at a time when artificial intelligence has become very important especially to businesses. Companies don’t have to hire a lot of human personnel like before, and this has helped cut costs.

The two features launched by Twitter to provide the Direct Messages channel with additional support include Welcome Messages and Quick Replies. The Welcome Messages features allow companies to set up certain expectations whenever they engage their customers in Direct Messages conversations. The best part is how the automated message can be sent to customers without necessarily waiting for them to initiate conversations. The Welcome Message may contain some quality likes to particular websites, apps or tweets and this helps drive traffic leading to improved sales.

How it Works?

Quick Replies feature makes things easier for companies to prompt its customers with some of the best methods to reply to Direct Messages. A business can send an options list to its customers whereby they are to choose items they desire. Similarly, businesses can advise customers to text particular words.

How it Works?
These types of messages have shown to be very useful especially in messaging apps such as Messenger and Kik simply because they are capable of minimizing the confusion and efforts that are likely to occur whenever users try interacting with chatbots.

How to choose the best?

The new announcement by Twitter can be viewed as a way of replicating similar personalized and highly scalable environment provided by chat apps such as Kik and Messenger. This appears to be one of the greatest moves made by the company considering its struggles to cope with the ever improving chat world. Chatbots are perfect for the DM channel from Twitter considering the efforts by the company to emphasize on its relationship with customers. Just like Twitter needs chatbot services to improve interactions, so does your business. A quality chatbot from an experienced company like CenturySoft can help turn around your business’s current situation.

Once you’ve chosen this company as your ideal artificial intelligence provider, you stand to benefit from a wide range of benefits. Some of these benefits include improved and accelerated rate of decision making, increased operational efficiency, optimized internal business processes, driving new revenues and gaining additional competitive advantages in your field of operation. This will make your business stand out from its rivals giving you more customers. Solutions from this company can as well help your business identify the current market trends and spot problems that require addressing in your business.

The company has for a long time been helping businesses across various fields to analyze their problems and suggest the best artificial intelligence solutions. Additionally, the company implements and designs the architecture of the business intelligence solutions it provides to its clients. Some services offered by the company include data management, big data, data warehouse, data management, visualization or business intelligence dashboard, business intelligence architecture, business intelligence implementation and business intelligence consulting. All these solutions ensure that your business emerges the best where there is stiff competition. It has a technology competency center that is packed with certified group of experts whose main aim is to pay attention on delivering excellent services. The professionals are fully aware of the company’s goal, which is to emerge as the best provider of artificial intelligence sustainable solutions.

After seeing the move by Twitter, businesses have now started investing on chatbots. Several publishers and brands such as CNN, 1-800-flowers and HP have now deployed chatbots on their collaboration and messaging channels. They have done so in order to benefit from the numerous benefits provided by artificial intelligence. It is clear that the chatbot revolution is currently in its early stages and many people are optimistic that before 2016 ends, many other companies will implement conversational interactions to improve customer experience and cut on costs.


Artificial intelligence is now at a stage whereby chatbots have increasingly become more engaging. This has allowed companies to leverage the new technology, which is wide reaching and inexpensive at the same time to engage more customers. Bots are specially designed for mobile, and they have proven to be much better than apps. Now is the high time for businesses start using chatbots if they are yet to do so.

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