Why Chatbots Can’t Replace B2B Customer Support?

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There are some reasons why chatbots can’t replace B2B customer support, but there are a whole lot more reasons as to why they can.

While chatbots are being looked at with great anticipation for B2C (business to consumer) interaction there is wariness about how they will fit into the B2B (business 2 business) sectors. There are a lot of valid arguments that have been raised as to why AI might not marry up well with B2B, however there are also a lot of good reasons that can be put forth as to why it will be imperative for B2B to welcome AI into their businesses.

The Arguments Against Integrating Chatbots Into B2B

Too much room for error
One of the main arguments against using virtual agents in the B2B environment is because these robots run the risk of making errors by providing misinformation. Those presenting this argument feel that the artificial agent is only as good as what it is programmed to be, and therefore is limited in its processes and a misinterpretation of data it has been supplied with could cause such an error.

Too complex
Most companies rely on a whole gambit of software to assist them with their customer service obligations. It is thought that trying to integrate a virtual agent to be compatible with these other applications would be too complex and too time consuming.

Loss of the human touch
Human Touch

Those who run a B2B customer service believe that using a virtual agent would lessen the human touch that is believed to be important in B2B. In B2B it is common for working relationships to be established and the fear is that this will be lost with the implementation of.

Fear of lost revenue
One of the biggest concerns is that if any of these issues arise with the use of a virtual agent then a business contact could be lost. This is on a much greater level than a B2C loss. Usually the B2B clients are a substantial revenue generator for the company, and the loss of even one client could have a serious impact on the company. Where in a B2C situation the loss of even a few customers is not going to have that much of a detrimental effect on profitability.

Addressing The Arguments Against Chatbots And B2B Integrations

Arguments Against Chatbots

The arguments are serious in nature and valid but only if the AI being utilized is not able to address them. A company like Inteladesk has recognized what the fears and valid concerns are of B2B entities and have implemented a solution to address these. This is a company that offers a virtual consumer management system that will work equally as well with the B2B sector as it does for the B2C realm.

The system works because it utilizes the AI system called SILVIA which works completely different to the standard virtual systems who utilize the Artificial Intelligence Mark-up language to power the chatbot. The SILVIA platform is able to understand the queries, and can respond in a conversational way with no reliance on pre-programmed scripts. It has the capability to comprehend what the user is asking for and can respond efficiently and appropriately. This CRM system has the ability to problem solve based on logic, and can even respond in the native language of the user if desired.

  • Concern for error can be eliminated because this system is not programmed with data, or dependent on scripts.
  • There is no need to be concerned about its complexity because Inteladesk looks after all of the integration of the CRM system and ensures compatibility with other software.
  • Loss of the human touch in many cases when it comes to B2B can be a good thing. Most often those who have to make B2B inquiries are under rigid time constraints and really just want to get the answer or the solution as quickly as possible. When human to human interaction is taking place it is easy to stray off topic and utilizes precious time for both parties concerned.

When it comes to dealing with the fear of lost revenue using a CRM system like that which is powered by SILVIA has the ability to reverse this. It has the ability to scale up business rather than jeopardize it which means an increase in revenue as opposed to losing it.

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